October 25, 2023
renault maaake

Maaake were given the challenge to provide full-service digital marketing services to increase sales in all areas of the brands; Renault, Dacia, Subaru and Nissan in Slovenia.

Avtokoletnik Renault

The ultimate challenge was to sell more vehicles, bring users to use the services and rake in profits.

Growth isn’t that simple for auto brands, as people don’t make a car purchase numerous times a year. In order to sustain the business, we have to generate solid leads and convert them into paying customers.


We developed and executed marketing plans for all brands, ensuring profit growth and expansion of new and used cars, test drives, and services.

We identified target audiences, integrated brands throughout the business, and engaged with customers to understand their needs. We evaluated market responses, presented reports to management, and tracked results within budgets, making adjustments as needed. We initiated a website blog for education and value communication, gathered testimonials and reviews, and crafted enticing promotions. We optimised text ads for tone and managed Google SERP ranking, actively maintained negative keywords, adjusted campaign budgets based on trends, and maximised call features.

renault maaake

We revamped our social channels, emphasizing visually appealing content, and enlarged featured images on our website.

Our paid ad campaigns now align closely with our brand visuals, greatly enhancing their impact and fostering brand recognition. This strategy has not only boosted effectiveness but also increased brand awareness, ultimately helping us achieve our goals.

Our digital marketing campaign stands out for its effectiveness and value. By blending strategy with creativity, we transform objectives into audience actions that yield tangible results. It’s this combination of outcomes that defines the success and value of our campaign.

“We couldn’t recommend the digitalLab team enough. We’ve been working with them for a little over three years now. They keep providing high-quality leads, growing our social media engagement and generating awareness through paid media.”

Valeria Ozim, Head of Marketing

Passion for life'

renault maaake
renault maaake

Passion for life

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