My Itchy Finger

October 25, 2023

Myitchyfinger is an innovative NFT marketplace founded by Derek Low, a digital artist with a passion for digital arts and comics.

My Itchy Finger
myitchyfinger maaake

Myitchyfinger faced several challenges in its endeavour to establish itself as a prominent NFT marketplace.

  1. Market Saturation: The NFT marketplace had become increasingly saturated with numerous platforms, making it difficult for new entrants to distinguish themselves.
  2. Technical Complexity: Developing a robust NFT marketplace required expertise in blockchain technology, smart contracts, and user experience design.
  3. Establishing Trust: Building trust among artists and collectors was paramount in a decentralized marketplace where transactions were conducted peer-to-peer.

Maaake prioritised website development, ensuring fast loading times and optimal image display.

Also focused on strategic social media growth tactics, leveraging visually appealing content to engage users and attract followers. Furthermore, advertising efforts were tailored to showcase high-quality images, effectively drawing traffic to the platform.

myitchyfinger maaake

Myitchyfinger achieved significant improvements in website performance, social media engagement, and user experience.

The strategic use of high-quality images in advertising campaigns led to increased traffic and user acquisition, establishing Myitchyfinger as a premier destination for digital art enthusiasts seeking a visually stunning and user-friendly NFT marketplace.

A premier destination for digital art.

myitchyfinger maaake DistortedPurity
myitchyfinger maaake Ethereal-Owl

A premier destination for digital art.

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